Pawn Car Jordaan Park

Pawn Car Jordaan Park

When you need quick cash for emergency or recreational services at Pawn Car Jordaan Park when provide you with the cash you to get the things you need done. We are based in Jordaan Park and provide low interest rates that make our repayments really affordable to help you get the money you need, when you need while keeping your car secure.

We only pawn cars for cash, Pawn Car Jordaan Park does not buy cars or own your car in any way shape or form.

Most people think that once they pawn they car that automatically means that we own it, news flash! We don’t own it and any pawn company telling you this is wrong!

At Pawn Car Jordaan Park we pay you cash to pawn your car, we give an agreed payment structure and we will ensure that your car is safe and secure. When you have finally settled your account, you car will be waiting for just as you left it.

Pawn Car Jordaan Park will pay you hardcore cash for the following types of vehicles:

  • Cars
  • Motor bikes
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Mini-buses
  • Buses
  • Water Vehicles
  • Off-road Vehicles

Pawn Car Jordaan Park the easiest way to secure instant cash from your car.

At Pawn Car Jordaan Park we are always looking for ways to make the pawning process simpler, better and faster.

Our Pawn Car services are focused on ticking the following:

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Pawn Car Jordaan Park offers effective car pawning solutions and offers to get you the money you want.

Instant Money Pawn Car Jordaan Park
Instant Money Pawn Car Jordaan Park

Get instant money by simply completing three easy steps:

  1. Contact our experienced pawn dealer consultants
  2. Offer will be presented, if you like the offer we meet
  3. Once everyone has approved, you get your cash on the same day

Fast Cash Pawn Car Jordaan Park
Fast Cash Pawn Car Jordaan Park

When you require instant cash and you have a vehicle no matter the make or kind, we will provide you with immediate cash on all types of vehicles. Simply send us a photo, bring your vehicle in for inspection and once the evaluation process is over, you will have some cash in your pockets.

We have been providing cash to many residents in and around Jordaan Park, and all of our clients have never compliant about their cars been damaged while being in our care.

At Pawn Car Jordaan Park our staff members work together to ensure that client assets are well looked after, we pay our cash on the same day and it only takes a simple call to get you the cash you need today.